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The appearance of your teeth often factors into your general sense of self-confidence. The teeth in the front of your mouth are presented in your smile and also influence many of your facial expressions. Unfortunately, significant dental stains and other minor cosmetic defects that alter the appearance of your teeth are often difficult or impossible to treat at home.

In almost all of these cases the wisest course of action is to seek the aid of a dentist. If your teeth do not suffer from significant physical defects like fracture tooth enamel, existing dental fillings or an active cavity, she might recommend installing dental veneers.

These dental restorations are typically produced from either a special type of dental grade porcelain or composite resin. These materials can be shaded to look like white tooth enamel. They might also help to resist dental staining in the future.

If you have a tooth has been physically compromised in some way, we might recommend a dental crown restoration to effectively replace the original tooth enamel layer with dental grade porcelain. The dental work will be shaded to perfectly match your dental veneers.

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