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Keeping your false teeth clean will make them last longer and fit better. The team at Russel R. Jacinto, DMD in Glendale, California, has put together this info to support you to clean and take care of your false teeth.

Dentures need to be cleaned frequently, so pick up a toothbrush if you don’t already have one. To keep the false teeth clean, you’ll need to soak them in a denture cleanser each night; look for the kinds that are non-abrasive to limit wear on the dentures. While you might detect that there are some denture adhesives available for buying, please do not purchase any of these before talking to Dr. Russel R. Jacinto. Adjustments to the denture may foil the need for adhesives.

While dentures come in a whole host of different varieties, they can generally be categorized by the amount of pearly whites they’ll be replacing: dentures can be categorized into complete and partial varieties. Complete dentures are fashioned to replace all of the patient’s teeth, and this is usually done when several teeth have already been lost and/or the impact of remaining chompers are severely harmed. If lots of the patient’s teeth are healthy and in-place, partial false teeth can be utilized to fill the gap.

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