Our dentists and team are pleased to utilize several advanced dental technologies as a part of our daily dental treatments. Our advanced dental tools include:

  • Sapphire® Plus Plasma Arc Curing Light: used for bleaching teeth and treating teeth with composite, or tooth-colored, fillings
  • Digital X-rays: provide detailed images of your oral cavity to more accurately identify problems and provide early treatment
  • Intraoral Camera: a small tool used to take high-quality images of your mouth to examine hard-to-reach places and provide more thorough patient education
  • Drufomat Scan Pressure Machine: used to create high-quality, personalized, and removable dental appliances, such as night guards

We invite you to call the office of Russel R. Jacinto, DMD at 818-296-0185 to learn more about how our dental technology in Glendale, California, can improve your dental care. We are always looking for the next best thing to make your visit more enjoyable and your treatment more effective.