One of the most important aspects of maintaining great oral health is receiving professional dental exams. Our dentists, Dr. Jacinto and Dr. Zumaeta, recommend that these typically take place every six months. To schedule your comprehensive exam in Glendale, California, please contact our office today at 818-296-0185. We look forward to helping you achieve your oral health goals!

Full dental exams are crucial elements of your regular visits to our office. They allow our team to have a complete glimpse of your current oral health, including if there are any adjustments that need to be made. Exams allow us to catch potential issues at the earliest possible stages, helping ensure gentler and more effective treatment.

First, our team will conduct a careful visual exam to check for external signs of dental decay or disease. We will then use dental imaging technology, such as X-rays, to be able to see internal bone structures. Based on the results of this examination, we may recommend restorative treatment or changes in your home oral hygiene routine.

To schedule your regular dental exam, please contact our office today. We are eager to help you achieve a healthier smile.